At the same time we mourn millions of Chinese
citizens who died in vain at the hands of Japanese
militarism during the second world war.

Since Chinese government abandoned the war
compensations from Japan while China and Japan
restored the foreign diplomatic relationship in 1972.

But current Japanese high school history books didn't
confess their war invaded into China during the second
world war.Every Japanese prime minister just apologize
orally, but not in action.

This year is the 60th anniversary of the end of World
War Two.Chinese and Jews sacrificed a lot in the World
War Two.Luckily,German government confess their war
crime of killing millions of Jews during the world war
Two,German prime minister even kneeled down while they
visited Isael all the time.

That is the reason why Chinese people usually say that
Germany could reflect their own behaviors in the past
but Japanese could not do that because they still
think that their behaviors in the World War Two was right.

Mankind peace loving action against the war and crime
should be remembered and reinforced.

Global dreamers have a nice life in the sunshine of peace.

John Wu