Holocaust Remembrance at Ein GAnim School

Ein Ganim Holocaust Study Room Our school has a special room for everyone to learn about the Holocaust.
It includes books, movies, computers and learning centers about the Holocaust.

The blood leaf with the six million on it who perished in the Holocaust.

Anna Frank and her family.

A map during the Holocaust from 1939- to 1945 and shows how the Nazis spread the Jewish people in the different concentration camps.

Jewish children studying at a school in the ghetto.

A series of different pictures during the Holocaust.

The crowded conditions at the Jewish ghettos.

A small quiet little man from the land of Oz, And the Germans shot him.
His head was distached from his body and his body froze.
His tears dried in the land of Oz.
A Jewish boy of six.

Holocaust uniforms in the concentration camps

The famous yellow Jewish star that Jewish people had to wear all of the time.

Jewish children eating soup or some food.