Holocaust Memorial Day - 27 Jan 2006


Every year on 27th January we celebrate the Holocaust Memorial Day - persecution of Jews during the Second World War. The historians are establishing the beginning of Holocaust from 1933 when Hitler became the Premier of the German parliament until the end of The Second World War.


This year we have decided to find out as much as possible about Jews in our town during the SWW. That’s why we went to a place in our town where synagogue was built.


Dunja Sokolar (History Teacher).


We saw a memorial board which reminds us of a synagogue built in 1895. It was completely destroyed in 1941.

We have prepared the materials about the immigration of first Jews to our town since 1873.


The first president of the Jewish community in Slavonski Brod was Jakov Bauer. In that time the Jews in Slavonski Brod had their own prayer space in the Bauer son-in –law’s house in

8 Franjo Josip Street. Later the synagogue was built at the same place. The architects were   Honigsbergu and Deutche.

In that time the Jews in Slavonski Brod belonged to the middle class and were connected with their community in Zagreb. The best known Jewish families were the Wienners, Selingers, Steiners, and Weiss.


The establishment of NDH (Independent Croatian State - fascist product during the Second World War, propagated racism and hate against other nations.) In October 1941 persecution of Jews began in Slavonski Brod and the synagogue was ruined.



The members of the Kohn’s family were taken to Jasenovac concentration camp. During the NDH Jews’ houses were confiscated and in 1949 nationalized.


The accessible information says that in the area of Slavonski Brod and surroundings used to live 750 Jews who were, in the period from May 1941 until February 1942, physically liquidated.


Only ten people survived.



Marina Hodak Sanela Marunica

Class 8A

School “Ivan Goran Kovacic”

Slavonski Brod