Holocaust Memorial Days: January 27, 2006 and April 25, 2006

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Grahic: Snir, Ein Ganim School

As we mark National Holocaust Day today - we will celebrate the life and spirit of your mother. You have changed my perspective on this day forever by sharing your mother's experinces with us.

In peace,

Robert Kay
Gr. 6 Teacher
Welborne Avenue Public School
[see photo from history fair project]

The Children in Ein Ganim have written about the Holocaust to their friends from Rome, Italy on the Holding hands website. http://www.holdinghands.it The messages written here by the students are here to teach everyone in our project that we will never forget. The municipality of Rome is pledged and dedicated to the work of the children from Ein Ganim and their teacher Marsha Goren. We appreciate this outreach very much!

http://www.holdinghands.it/articles/151 http://www.holdinghands.it/articles/152
http://www.holdinghands.it/articles/153 http://www.holdinghands.it/articles/154
http://www.holdinghands.it/articles/155 http://www.holdinghands.it/articles/156

Read the story of the reconstruction

Controversial History Textbook | The Sadness of Prejudice | Our Quest to Understand

I.G.K. [Ivan Goran Kovacic School], teacher Rosalija Baricevic, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Never give up Lesson

(Feeback from Miri and Feinstein School Petach Tikva.) I love the song because ts shows us that many people care about what happened to the Jewish people and not only Jewish people care about and express their hope through songs and poems. The learning activity was enjoyable and extremely important for us.

We identify with the pain in this poem and the poem is meaningful and important for the Holocaust.
The writer shows us that she is emotional to what happened to the Jewish people in the Holocaust.

9th grade Class and Miri Porat their teacher

Holocaust in Greek is called “Olokaftoma”. We have written a poem in our work-teams in Greek, in memory of the holocaust and we present you a selection of our work.



The Holocaust


Oh, why so many people died.

All the people are moaning for the holocaust.

May God have in peace the dead.

What happened is very sad.

What those people did to deserve this?

Hitler was a very bad person.

They kept them in prison and then they executed them.

May God forgive the sins of  the one who were lost.

We will always remember them.

So much blood was poured.

What happened was wrong.

This day we are all sad.

This day is a rememberance day for all Jeus and the whole world.

We are very sad.

Ah, why so much pain?

Ah, why?





May never a thing like this happen.



From the kids of E’2 class

Frenaros Primary School

Frenaros, Cyprus

It symbolise the sadness, loneliness and darkness …
Lieven Van Parys, Sint-Antonius & Sint-Amadeus School, Meulebeke, Belgium

The Holocaust class was a GREAT experience. The students were surprised when they knew that was your mother... The part I  was the Power Presentation.  In the other class -The Internet and the activities.  Today I used the camera...The teacher was Maria Luisa Rios, English Teacher.

The activites and the work are excellent and the children and educators had an unforgettable experience.

Mayra Soto, Puerto Rico

We explored the material from the Holocaust Museum today in class. I'm sending along a couple of photos. One picture shows a group of boys who are having a book group discussion regarding the book "Hitler Youth" that I told you about. They were struck by the contrast between the youngsters who had to go into hiding that they saw in "Life In The Shadows" and the youngsters who joined the Hitler Youth. The other picture shows a couple of discussion groups who were chatting after viewing the material from the museum.

By the way, I have fifth graders who have no idea of what the Holocaust was, who Adolf Hitler was and had never heard of a Nazi before. Hard to believe, but I guess it seems like ancient history to them.

Brian Fahey, Wilminigton Friends School, Wilmington, Deleware USA

The activities are great. I have had a number of students look at them as well and read some of the poems and stories. My students have been greatly impacted by the stories, in particular. Here are some thoughts from the students in Mr. Jede's grade 5 class:

I feel that what the Germans did in the war was horrible. The concentration camps were the worst things that could ever happen. I don’t know why anyone would do anything like that. It’s in human! I never want that to ever happen again It’s cruel and Jews shouldn’t be treated like that what so ever! Not only Jews but anyone who was hiding them or doing other things like that to keep them safe and to try not to let the Germans get them and kill them at the concentration camps it’s just HORRIBLE!

I was very sad to hear about how people are sometimes discriminated against. Our teacher, Mr. Jede , read us a story called From Anna. In this story the family had to flee Germany because of the ways that Jews were being treated. I pray that nothing like this will ever happen again to anyone.

The way that people treat others sometimes is horrible. We have been learning about tolerance and celebrating the differences amongst others in our school. After hearing about some of the stories as told by holocaust survivors, I have committed myself to stand up against these forms of discrimination.

It has been very difficult for me to read about some of the awful things that happened during the holocaust. My heart feels very sad for all of the people that lost family members, friends and other loved ones. I pray that nothing like this will ever happen again.

Glen Jede, Calvin Christian School, Winnipeg, Canada

The Prayer Service

There is a vase of soil on the table and a glass of ashes. Also basket for the names of the children. Students to the left will lead the Mourning Prayer. (There are ten males) Students to the right will read the poem.

Left: Mrs. Rossiter is sprinkling the ashes as the poem is read. Right: Students placing names in the basket.

Students reading the poem.

Omagari Junior High School, Daisen-city, Akita, Japan

Hiroshi, Ayaka, and Yuu with Holocaust Word Search.

Helena Lyerová's 6th grade students, 22 Primary school Na Dlouhých, Pilsen, Czech Republic

My grandmother’s worst story from Second World War

On Monday morning in Apr_l 1945 my granny slept and woke up by her alarm.It mean that the American planes were attacking.They wanted to sestrou the German weapon-faktory in Bolevec.She was worried and she woke up her family and the ran to the cella.One bomb feel on thein house and only the cella stayed undamaged.All of their house survived,but they lost every thing.They moved to related.When finished the Sekond World War,they got job and they moved to block of flat.

Monday 1942

I woke up by strong shoot.I looked from window and my mother was dead.I cried :,,Help.Help my mother is dead!‘‘My father ran to me and cried follow me.We ran to the hideaway.On the sky flew enemy planes.They destroyed our home.Germans throw granade to the hideaway and my father was dead.They me evacuation to the concrenation camp.I saw: ,,IT IS OVER‘‘


His name is Jason Mathev. He was 12 years old. He live in London and Jason moved to vilage. Why? Becouse London was bombed. Jason parent’s stayed in London. His fater went to war. Jason was worried about his parent’s. His mum went to contretation camp. Jason’s mum died there. Jason didn’t study of univerziti. Jason’s fater outlived war. Both two had food for share. It was very very terrible. War in London for them was unforgettabled memory.


She was born in 1928.Her name was Eva. She was 11 year old.She lived in Pilsen. By world war II. they ran to the wood to protect before bombing.When the bombing stoped, every body was runing back to cottage. They didn´t have any food because they had to save money. When the bombing started agin,her patente go out, the bomb fell down on them.Eva stayed at home.The girl stayed hid at house to until war stoped.

SPOT language school, teacher Małgorzata Miernecka, Piaseczno, Poland

Rigas Skolenu pilsk, teacher Tanja Gvozdeva, Riga, Latvia - Student artist: Valentina.