Shindler's List

The movie Schindler's List has inspired us in many ways. We see here an ordinary man who did not stand by and 'watch', but did what he could to protect as many as he could. This is not a movie for younger children, but can be viewed by middle and high school students. Teachers need to prepare students before and discuss with them afterwards.

Read here - eighth grade student's in Croatia are inspired by the film.



Mr. Schindler was a very brave man. He inspired me to think about good people all around the world.

It was not easy to be so brave in his time. He saved many human lives.

After all hard and painful experiences, he suffered so much because he couldn't save more people.

Mr. Schindler is my inspiration for my future.


IGK, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Poland in the Dark


Poland is a big European country. It is not so far away.

Many Jewish people lived in Poland before the Second World War. When Hitler occupied the country, the Nazis formed many concentration camps for Jewish poeple. The «Final Solution» started.

How was it possible? What did other European countries do? How did they allow it to happen? I must find out.

My History teacher told me that I would learn about it in grade 8. Now I'm in grade 6 and I want to learn about Holocaust now.

My parents visited Poland two years ago and they were in Auschwitz and Birkenau. I saw the photos they took. I saw the same places in the film «Schindler's List».

My English teacher said:»Fran, imagine yourself in Poland in that awful time. What would you do?»

I would try to escape and find a kind Polish family to hide me.


IGK, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Why did it happen?


I want to know why it happened. I want to ask people who did it: why?

Why did they believe it was right? Many, many people took part in that crime against humanity.

Did their hearts beat the same as the hearts of their victims?

Did their children cry the same way as the children in Auschwitz and other camps of death?

Were their children afraid of dogs, cold, hunger and pain?

Were their children sick, lonely and desperate?

I want to know why it happened.

Ana Cicak

IGK, Slavonski Brod, Croatia


A Small Red Winter Coat


Who is the girl in a small red winter coat?

What is her name? How old is she? Where is she from?

Where are her parents, sisters and brothers?

Why is she all alone in a crowd of terrified people?

Who is that tiny red spot in the forest of black and grey faces?

Why are her eyes bright among other wide open eyes?

He has a hope, that's why!

The pictures, one by one, hundreds of black and grey pictures.

Last time I saw her...

I almost missed to see her.

I saw a small red winter coat.

I didn't see her face, only her coat.

I remembered her hope and her bright eyes.

She was going back...

I want to believe...She was going home...

In her small red winter coat.

Maja Dvorscak

IGK, Slavonski Brod, Croatia


Our List


It is Tuesday, January 18th, 2006. My class has just finished watching the film «Schindler's List». It lasted much longer than other films, but we didn't notice that. We watched it during our English and History classes. Our English teacher asked us to form our own list of people and values that we would like to save for ever.


We discussed and talked, made notes and here is our list of people and values we would like to save forever:

  1. Our families, our homes, our friends and our homeland.
  2. Our neighbours and their homes.
  3. The entire world.
  4. Love, peace and understanding between people.
  5. Our school where we learn all what is good

Marta, Katarina, Borna, Blazenka and Kujtim

IGK, Slavonski Brod, Croatia