testimonial by a living survivor of the holocaust

My Mother

By Miri Porat

What can I write and tell you about our suffering. Actually, I could write a novel but I will try to be as brief as possible.

grandpa lindenbaum
Fanny's grandfather who died in the Holocaust

I was born in Rumania in the city of Daraban, the daughter of Miriam and Lopo Lidenbaum. As you know, the Jewish people were expelled from their homes and it was so difficult. We were deported from our home from an area in Rumania that is called Taregogiyo, Logush and then sent to an area called Transisteria, five children with no parents. Since my mother God rest her soul had passed away before the war, my father was sent to a labor camp in Rumania.

It is impossible to describe our lives during this time. My older sister was 12 or 13 and my youngest brother still was unable to speak well. Fortunately, good people met us in a field and asked us what we were looking for. I told them food. The hunger was our worst suffering.

So these people volunteered to take my brother and I to an orphanage in Shergort called O.S.E. as far as I can remember.

lindenbaum family
The children from the Lindenbaum family upon their return from the orphanage and the meeting with their father Zeev Lupo. He had returned from the battlefield.

I went with these people to Shergot and they treated our medical sicknesses due to the long period of living without any roof or shelter. They took care of us as much as they could. The managers of the orphanage were Mr. Hecht and Mrs. Levy. Thanks to their help and support our lives were saved.

From the orphanage we were sent back to our home in Daraban at the end of the war. When the first children were released from the orphanage and we arrived at the train station, my father recognized me and fainted because he didn’t see my two older sisters. They arrived at a later date.

When we arrived home, we could not find our home, it was completely demolished. Nowadays it is a local police station.

Again, our fate would be to be five children left alone as my father was again taken to a workcamp.

Two years ago I visited the Yad Vashem Memorial Museum. A woman gave me the original list of children from the Shegorim Orphanage which included personal details of each child including their weight and personal belongings. It also included the staff member’s names, the people who said their goodbye to us and wished us luck on our way.

We should never know experiences such as these. Fanny Lindenbaum today I thank those who helped us to survive the hardships and because of these good people we are alive today.

My small revenge is although they wanted to destroy me I am alive and living. I built a beautiful family and I have four wonderful children, grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Fanny (Lindenbaum)Shos the Holocaust survivor
and her husband Moshe Shos today