testimonial by a living survivor of the holocaust

History of my family for the next generation

by Sarah Oren

The origin of both my mother's and my father's families is a small town in white Russia. The little town was founded by Jews who dec ided to find their livelihood by work. Therefore all the inhabitants in this town were Jewish. They were given a special permit to build their houses near the big river Muchavetzt. This is why the little town was named Jabinka, which means 'a little frog'. Soon enough this little place began to flourish. Many new families', all of them Jewish, arrived to this town. They had a primary school' , and youth movement. This was the basis to Zionist education, and it was important enough for Zionist activists to come and give speeches in Jabinka. One was an unknown young man called Menachem Begin. The other one was a little better recognized. His name was David Ben Gurion...
All that happened between the first and the second world war, and to go to a far place called 'Palestine', to build, like their parents before them, a new home. Only this time in 'Eretz-ISRAEL. Their families begged them not to leave the good life they had and stay. But these young idealists .

Many came to Petach –Tikva', and started to work. Those spoiled delicate worked in the fields and earned just enough to keep them from starvation.They kept in touch with their families. My mother, Malka, left parents YAAKOV and SARA, a married sister LEA, who already had a beloved daughter, SONYA, and a brother who was a rabbi. There were more relatives to the GALUBCHIC family, but these are the people she talked about the most. My father's family was ZALUSKI. The father was GABRIEL and the mother SARA, too.Both families had a business and had a relatively comfortable life.

When the s.w.war started, they tried to persuade their families to come to Palestine, but they didn't believe that the Germans would hurt them. Only after the war my parents were told that the JEWS of Jabinka were taken to the forest, ordered to dig pits in the ground, and then they were shot by the Nazis.Only my father's brother, my uncle MEIR, fled to France, and fought in the Jewish-French Underground. It was called THE ARME' JEWEEFE, and there is a lot to be told about its activity.

This picture was taken in 1928. They were influenced by Begin and Ben Gurion and then immigrated to Israel. It came to be known that the entire city was later demolished by the Natzis leaving no memory of the Jewish city.