Thank you coronavirus helpers all over the world

Coronavirus Response – THANK YOU to health and social care professionals

Since 16 March 2020, the global world has been affected by the CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) pandemic.

On the front line of the response in global world against this pernicious disease are health professionals and social workers.

Whether they are doctors, emergency physicians, ambulance attendants, laboratory technicians, psychologists, hygienists, nurses, nursing assistants, pharmacists, biologists, auxiliaries, etc., health professionals and social workers in the global world are fully involved in the response to Covid-19 in the global world, both upstream in terms of listening to the population, raising awareness, and carrying out screening tests, and downstream in terms of the care and treatment of patients.

Thank you, coronavirus doctors, nurses,pharmacists

Despite their high exposure to the pandemic, health professionals in the global world are sparing no effort, day and night, throughout the country to contain and help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The government and all the people of the global world are deeply grateful to them and encourage them to maintain this much-appreciated level of involvement and commitment.

The fight against Covid-19 is a common cause, no actor is too many.

Together, let us work to say STOP and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Benin.

Let us respect the official instructions and say Thank you

Prevent the spread of the virus

To prevent the spread of Covid19 variants, all children are suspended from the first confirmed case of Covid19, whatever the strain of the virus.

Thank you, doctor

Duration of isolation depending on the case:

Positive child: the duration of isolation is 10 full days (if the case remains febrile, isolation must be maintained for 48 hours after the fever disappears)
Child identified as a contact case at risk if the confirmed case attended the same care facility: the duration of isolation is 7 days.
Child identified as a contact case at risk if the confirmed case is a member of his/her household: the duration of isolation is 17 days strict from the signs of the last case in the family.
Nursery assistant identified as a contact case at risk: 7-day isolation.
The quarantine can only be lifted if a negative test is performed at D7.
The end of the quarantine must be accompanied by the rigorous wearing of a surgical or general public mask with a filtration rate of over 90% and strict compliance with barrier measures and physical distancing during the 7 days following the lifting of the measure, avoiding people at risk of a severe form of Covid19

Wearing a mask
for childcare workers

The use of category 2 consumer masks and home-made masks is no longer permitted.
The use of a mask with a filtration level of at least 90% is recommended for all childcare workers when they are alone with children, but it is not compulsory.
It is always compulsory between childminders and parents or other adults from outside their household (including other childminders).
If the childminder or a child being cared for is at risk of a severe form of covid-19, the use of a surgical mask is mandatory. It can be worn when a member of the household also falls into this category.

For children

The use of masks is prohibited for children aged 0-3 years, due to the risk of suffocation.
The wearing of a category 1 general public mask is recommended, as far as possible, for children aged 6 to 11 years in the home of the childminder.
It is compulsory for children aged 11 or over.

For parents

The wearing of a category 1 general public mask by parents is compulsory in the childminder's home and during any exchange between parents and professionals.
They may accompany their child to the nursery, regardless of the distance and whether it is indoors or outdoors.
They may accompany their child inside the home, strictly respecting the hygiene instructions: washing hands and wearing a mask.

Covid: For the purchase of masks

Reminder: employers provide or finance the masks (in proportion to the number of hours of care if there are several employers).

Covid: Ventilation – Recommendations

Increase the frequency of air change in all childcare settings.Walk with children in green parks and in nature.
Ventilate reception rooms every hour for several minutes.
For all rooms occupied during the day, ventilate for at least 15 minutes in the morning before the children arrive, at lunchtime and in the evening.

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